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How BCSOS Managed IT Support Compliments
Your Law Firm

There really is not one industry sector that has not been impacted by COVID-19. While virtual business becomes the new normal, some industries are prone to even greater technological breakdowns and the need for even greater IT support than ever before. Due to the often-tight deadlines and mountains of sensitive information, the legal industry has become even more reliant on a reliable and rock-solid IT support structure than many other professions. In recent years, Managed Service Providers (MSP) have become an invaluable information technology system for many different and diverse industries.
As the world continues to move increasingly towards online and virtual data storage and business functions, the simple fact is that the old break/fix model simply will not cover the needs of any type of company that wishes to stay viable and productive. This is no truer than in the legal industry where documentation and strict schedules are more important than anything else other than the actual skills and talents of the attorneys.
But even the best lawyer is unable to effectively handle a case when they do not have the proper technical support behind them. In today’s advanced and the evolving legal world – where even the use of artificial intelligence in legal circles is starting to become commonplace – there are many reasons why legal firms should consider the features and benefits of moving to a dedicated IT managed service provider.
All of this depends on reliable, fast, and secure IT services such as those specifically provided by an MSP. Here are just a few of the many critical services that these professionals provide which can help legal firms tremendously:

  • Docketing
  • eDiscovery
  • Practice management
  • Court and .gov website organization
  • Client/Document management

These and several other services include the need for not only cloud infrastructure but also a cloud computing and storage provider. These features assist in streamlining office management and other back-end aspects of the function of a law firm and are all included with the right Managed Service Provider. They also help to increase efficiency across the board in every area of a practice which, in turn, assists in building and maintaining your reputation, as well as maximizing profits.

How BCSOS Can Specifically Benefit your
Legal Practice

While many of the things that are offered by an MSP are universally applicable to any type of business,
there are some aspects or specialized services that are particularly helpful to running a successful law
office. Here are a few examples:

As with any other type of business, the goal is to not only help people and provide a necessary service but also to make as healthy of a profit as is reasonable. Law firms that have not joined the next generation of IT services which are provided by top-notch MSPs are leaving a lot of those profits on the table.

And considering how much time and resources are invested in this type of work, it makes very little sense to not invest in making it as efficient and seamlessly functional as possible. Otherwise, you and everyone at the firm is being paid less than you are worth.

Should My Law Firm Partner with BCSOS?

Here are just some of the many obstacles that you may be dealing with from your current IT provider that signal the need for a change:
If you have experienced any of these problems with your current IT management, every day that you spend without improving your service brings you one day closer to an event that could end up being a major disaster.
Loss of critical data, negligence to protect sensitive information or documents, a system-wide failure, or a major security breach or cyber-attack can all cost you, your colleagues, and your clients years of hard work, planning, and profit in a single moment. There really is no need to risk such a potential catastrophe when the solution is so easily accessible in the form of an experienced and skilled Managed Service Provider.
Let BCSOS provide your firm with a free NETWORK ASSESMENT for your firm today, it takes less than an hour and we can share insight in to best help your firm achieve its continued success.


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